Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tulip Medley

Back in November I posted about planting my tulip bulbs. I have two small beds surrounded by box hedges and with potted holly trees in the centre of each outside the back of the barn. These are my attempt at "formal" beds and the idea originally was to have a show of single colour tulips in Spring followed by a different type of bedding plant each summer. As you can see, such plans have gone awry - I do plant a different species of tulip each Autumn and try to dig up all the bulbs of the previous one, but obviously I have missed quite a few, and after 5 years we now have quite a mix. Not what I intended, but at least it's colourful, I suppose!
This year's Summer bedding is Sweet Williams bought from a very green-fingered and creative acquaintance in the village, which , since they are biennial , have been happily growing in the bed since last summer and should put on a good show this year.

Also, I just wanted to show the layout from the final class I did during the UK Scrappers Cyber Crop at the weekend. The class was by Sarah Youde and involved distressing, sewing and using raffia - good fun. Now the Cyber Crop has finished I feel at a loose end creatively -  not that I haven't got lots of things I could be finishing off - knitting and sewing projects especially, and I need to make a card for my Sister-in-Law's 50th birthday...I think I need to have a play with some of my supplies and try to get inspired.


  1. Love those tulips!! I should get my act together and start planting mine now otherwise I'm not going to get any in Spring!!

    Love the LO too. Hope you get your creative juices flowing again soon!

  2. Ilove tulips, it's just a shame that they don't last for very long!
    Lovely LO too Gillian.

  3. I looked at the tulips in M&S this morning because I was going to treat myself..and then I walked away! And I'm regretting it now. I love the "Country Living" quality of your photos Gillian

  4. Such a beautiful box of tulips, I bet you smile each time you look at them :)

    Fabulous layout too

  5. That's a lovely LO , Gill, and the tulips are great. Thank goodness, Spring is finally here.