Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sending out today...and an award!

Went to the Post Office this morning and got these sent on their way.
First the card for my niece who will become a teenager tomorrow, made using the lovely dress-form stamp from The Girls' Paperie and resist stamping technique:

Next is the decorated box of stash for Amanda in the Community Chest stash swap which is part of the run-up to the Cyber Crop on UKS. I cheated a bit here as the box, which had contained some toiletries from Boots was already decorated on the sides, so I just used patterned paper on the front and back and attached some ribbon and a flower. Inside is a collection of small items from my stash such as buttons, brads, chipboard shapes, journalling spots, gems, pins, charms. I really hope she likes it:

And last, but by no means least, I have received my first blog award - from the talented Winnie - thankyou!

I understand that I now need to list 7 crafty things about myself and then pass on the award.
So here are 7 crafty things I do/have done:
1) I make all my own cards for birthdays and other occasions, including all my Christmas cards for the past two years.
2) I knit, having learned to do so as a child, but have only recently mastered the art of circular needles.
3) Since taking up scrapbooking in Feb 2008, I have made more than 100 scrapbook layouts, of which 8 have been published in magazines.
4) When I was a teenager I made lots of my own clothes and got a sewing-machine for my 18th birthday. ( more than 30 years ago!)
5) I recently got a new sewing machine and have enjoyed getting back into sewing.
6) When my children were young I made and decorated all their birthday cakes ( does this count as crafty?)
7) In the past I have also done lots of drawing, painting, cross-stitch and even pottery.
I'm passing this award on to 3 other creative bloggers : Nicky C, Sandie and Claire.


  1. We discovered scrapbooking at the same time!! Although I must admit you've been more successful at getting your LOs published than I have - congrats! You are definitely very crafty as well, and I would say that decorating cakes is crafty! :D

  2. I like getting to know more about you :) ... oh and most certainly decorating cakes is crafty ... I'd even say eating them was LOL. I love the card, that stamp is at the top of my list :)

  3. Your card turned out beautifully and I'd say decorating cakes is definitely crafty. We have much the same interests :)

  4. I really enjoyed learning a bit more about you today Gillian because it turns out that we enjoy lots of the same things. We even stated scrapbooking about the same time..I joined UKS in Feb 'O8. The card is lovely!

  5. Yay Gillian! Well deserved! Loved reading your 7 crafty things {although I venture to guess that there are far more than just 7}.
    The card for your niece is perfect. Love the little skirt and how dimensional it is. What 13 year old wouldn't be thrilled to receive such a nice rememberence?