Friday, 9 April 2010

Cherry Blossom Morning

A good side -effect of keeping hens is that I need to go outside first thing each morning to let them out of their house and feed them. This is a great way to get myself fully awake each morning and connect with what the weather is doing and the beauty ( or otherwise!) of the morning.

Today is definitely a day for beauty - the sky here is a deep clear blue and the sun has a real warmth to it. As I went about my tasks with the hens there was birdsong, bees and butterflies. But best of all was that the flowering cherry trees in the hen pen, whose fat pink buds I've been eyeing up for the past week, have burst into blossom.
We planted these trees two years ago to help prettify this rather ugly area with the compost bins and the oil-tank - you can see these in the picture below, disguised a bit by the blossom, along with our two hens - Edwina and Beryl.

I need to make my morning coffeee now and sit out on the deck to soak up some more of the lovely morning. I hope your morning is as promising as mine.


  1. Beautiful. It's photographs and posts like that that make me feel happy. Thank you

  2. Prettify those trees did!...and you have chickens!...I have been pining for some of my own for so long. We live in town, without a fence and I keep wondering if I could do it with just a pen and one of those movable coops.
    Glad to see that the sunshine finally found you—looks like a perfect spring day—enjoy it!


  3. Wonderful post! So evocative. I used to love that first intake of fresh air when I lifted the milk from the doorstep..but then the milkman retired and I have to go to the shop now.

  4. I want chickens! But hubby has a no pet rule after already had rabbits and guinea pigs. Funnily enough I saw my first cherry blossom today so spring is def. here now.

  5. Ooo I'm jealous now cherry blossom and chickens how lovely. Hasn't the bit of sun been a welcome treat :)One of my neighbours has a massive cherry blossom so I content myself with looking at theirs.