Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Gardens

Happy Easter!
Well, the Easter Hare paid his regular visit here very early this morning and left a trail of chocolate eggs in the garden for the children to find. He also always leaves a treat and often a little something else in their Easter gardens - this year it was a little chocolate rabbit and a butterfly ( made by yours truly) -see close-up below.
These Easter gardens have been part of our traditions since the girls were young - originally the idea came from the Steiner kindergarten that L. went to and the girls used to make little caterpillars out of plasticene which would miraculously change into buttterflies overnight.
They no longer do this, but we still enjoy the ritual of visiting the garden centre in the run up to Easter and choosing some plants and cress seed to sow. We also use grass seed but never get round to doing the gardens early enough so that the grass has had time to germinate before Easter Day!

This one is E.'s.

And here are the butterflies I made:
I used a butterfly stamp with charcoal chalk ink on patterned paper and then attached it to a shadow-stamped image of the same butterfly.

Our good friends M. A. and O came over for lunch and we ended up playing charades - I. loved it and has been playing lots more rounds with me since our friends left.
A good day.


  1. Sounds great fun. Love the butterflies and the garden idea.

  2. Gillian, those butterflies are beautiful! You have some really lovely photos I have enjoyed this morning..and I'm loving the look of some of the recommendations on your blog list. I'll be back to check those out!

  3. Hello and welcome to the newbie bloggers :) You've got a lovely blog, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you

  4. What a lovely tradition :)I share a love of knitting too (although I'm no expert) so I'm looking forward to seeing any future knitting projects.

  5. Hi! What a lovely blog with lots of delicious treats. Welcome to the newbie bloggers and I'm looking forward to reading lots more of your posts.

  6. Hi Gillian! Lovely as ever!...the butterflies are so sweet and the garden is beautiful. What a nice inspiring. I'll have to give it a go next year. I love it! Happy Spring!