Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sunny Afternoon

Hello again! It's nice to be back blogging after a few days away. The children are now back at school and we are left with some lovely memories of a great Easter holidays: plenty of sunshine;
having family and close friends to visit and stay; a trip to London and meeting up with my mum; E. starring in our village pantomime.
On Saturday we went with my sister and her two children to a beautiful, tranquil garden on the edge of the Norfolk Broads - Fairhaven Water Gardens which has wonderful spring flowers and it's own private Broad ( lake) which we had a boat trip on. The cousins thought it was a magical place - "like something out of a fairytale"- and it certainly seemed so that afternoon as we walked along paths speckled with sunlight and leaf-shadows and looked out over the shimmering water.
Of course, for I. the most magical thing was the presence of my sister's Border Terrier, Findlay...

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  1. It sounds like a lovely holiday: just the kind of break to keep you going until Summer.