Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A closer look...

Having posted about my "Budget Challenge" layouts in the last post, I thought it would be a good idea to show the LOs more closely, so here they are...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Yes, it's me!

Not a brilliant photo but you can probably make out my photo on this spread from the current Scrapbook Magazine. I'm so excited as, although I've had LOs published before, this is my first "article" and what's even better is that I got paid for it( well, I will when payment arrives!).
End of self-promotion, I promise!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

A lovely Spring Day

Probably because I know this long spell of gorgeous weather is due to come to an end tomorrow, I especially appreciated the lovely sunshine this afternoon. R and I made a (very reluctant) DS come out for a walk down to the wood with us to see if the bluebells were out. As you can see from the photo, they were but not fully - I must make sure to go down again in a few days when they will be fully open and lovely.
DS cheered up a bit while we played a game of "40/40 caught", and had a lemonade and crisps sitting outside the pub, but dragged his feet and pulled a cross face all the way home.
After I had mown the front grass and got the hens in the pen, I had a wander round the garden and sat by the pond on the stone bench - I must have been very still because after a few minutes there was a cluck noise and a moorhen appeared from the reeds to the side of the pond and swam across to the reeds in the middle. A few more clucks and she swam back, this time followed by a tiny black ball of fluff - a chick - which she then shepherded into the cover of the reeds. A special moment for me as I had only seen the chicks before this whilst I've been in the car going down the drive .

Saturday, 4 April 2009

And more light...

It's far too long since I last posted here, and what I really want to post about is the return of my Circle Journal ( hooray!) which finally winged it's way back to me yesterday. But it's too late (after midnight ) and I'm too tired and besidesI haven't got either my thoughts or my photos organised yet. So that will have to wait for (hopefully) tomorrow. But I do want to do one thing tonight, which is to post a photo of our new(ish) French doors.

Together with the windows in the living room, they have, as I hoped, transformed this part of the house - now I don't need any lights on during the daytime like I did before and hated so much. All we have to do now (apartfrom painting !) is to have a deck and steps built outside the doors so we can actually use them, as there's about a metre drop to the ground!