Saturday, 25 April 2009

A lovely Spring Day

Probably because I know this long spell of gorgeous weather is due to come to an end tomorrow, I especially appreciated the lovely sunshine this afternoon. R and I made a (very reluctant) DS come out for a walk down to the wood with us to see if the bluebells were out. As you can see from the photo, they were but not fully - I must make sure to go down again in a few days when they will be fully open and lovely.
DS cheered up a bit while we played a game of "40/40 caught", and had a lemonade and crisps sitting outside the pub, but dragged his feet and pulled a cross face all the way home.
After I had mown the front grass and got the hens in the pen, I had a wander round the garden and sat by the pond on the stone bench - I must have been very still because after a few minutes there was a cluck noise and a moorhen appeared from the reeds to the side of the pond and swam across to the reeds in the middle. A few more clucks and she swam back, this time followed by a tiny black ball of fluff - a chick - which she then shepherded into the cover of the reeds. A special moment for me as I had only seen the chicks before this whilst I've been in the car going down the drive .

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