Saturday, 26 September 2009

WIPs and FOs. ( or works-in-progress and finished objects, if you prefer)

My partly-knitted sock - long way to go on this project! Opal pattern and sock yarn.

My first attempt at designing. Cabled cushion cover - wool is Rowan Kid Classic. This is attempt #3. Just as well I didn't decide to design a sweater...

Kaalund kit and wool - lovely to knit with and gorgeously soft.

This shrug was started in June 2008 and finished early Sept 2009. Oh and I just sewed the ends in this morning... Sirdar Just Soya pattern and yarn. I didn't like knitting with this as the yarn split so much and the pattern appeared to be wrong in the stitch count in the patterned section with the result that I went wrong on the back. Or maybe it was just me. Anyway when I realised the mistake I was so close to casting off that despite being the biggest perfectionist going, I couldn't bear to rip it all out and start again. Also, it helps me learn to deal with imperfection!

September - a fresh start

September...the Jewish New Year...back to school...a fresh start.
And a fresh start for this blog which has been languishing sadly neglected for too many months.
At present I'm in a knitting phase, having finished both the shrug I started way back last year, and started and finished the scarf from the kit I bought months ago.
My current challenges to myself, now I am back intoi knitting in a big way are to teach myself to knit socks and to design a knitted item myself.
So... a sock is duly in progress on the needles, but the 2.5mm needles are so sharp they have actually ended up making a hole in my finger (ouch!!) - well a break in the skin anyway. So I have temporarily transferred to challenge #2 - a knitted cushion cover
Photos of these and finished items to follow.

ps. Further to the posts about our new windows and doors, I'm pleased to report that everything is finished, bar the painting, including a lovely new deck. So, wonderful light inside the house and a great area to sit outside. In fact the previously dark and grim corner of the sitting room has now become my favourite place to sit and knit. Kniting on the deck is good too, except in blazing sunlight.