Saturday, 4 April 2009

And more light...

It's far too long since I last posted here, and what I really want to post about is the return of my Circle Journal ( hooray!) which finally winged it's way back to me yesterday. But it's too late (after midnight ) and I'm too tired and besidesI haven't got either my thoughts or my photos organised yet. So that will have to wait for (hopefully) tomorrow. But I do want to do one thing tonight, which is to post a photo of our new(ish) French doors.

Together with the windows in the living room, they have, as I hoped, transformed this part of the house - now I don't need any lights on during the daytime like I did before and hated so much. All we have to do now (apartfrom painting !) is to have a deck and steps built outside the doors so we can actually use them, as there's about a metre drop to the ground!

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