Thursday, 3 December 2009

Time for a deep breath

Feeling frazzled today. I ventured into the city to take back some items of clothing for E. and I. which were too big, and to try to finish all my Christmas shopping before it got too busy. I ended up feeling demoralised by the relentless commercialism and exhausted by trekking back and forth, especially when I had got all the way back to the car park only to realise I had forgotten to take back one item to a shop back across town, when I had actually already been in that shop earlier. On the way home I also had to food-shop, and then remembered the hens were in immediate need of more woodshavings for their nest box - so another detour was required.

So I have ended up feeling quite out of sorts, with nothing done in the house today, or any crafting. A deep breath is needed, to remind myself what this season is really about, and to centre myself back into my life here. Tomorrow will be a day at home, and hopefully tonight I can get on with my knitting...

( I treated myself to this lovely Cyclamen when I visited The Kitchen Garden recently.)


  1. Sorry you had a rough day of shopping, I am avoiding stores at all costs. I hope you are able to relax and get a few more calming things done.

  2. Feeling better already, thanks, just from being at home and calmly cooking the evening meal, and looking forward to my evening's knitting. I think next year I will aim for totally home-made/Etsy Christmas...

  3. Oh, I can so relate to this post—thank you for sharing it and I hope your day got better.
    Love the Cyclamen—we lived in Rome for a year and I so miss seeing all the Cyclamen in window boxes at this time of year.