Saturday, 5 December 2009

Apron Love

I wear one of my aprons every day - when I cook and when I clear and wash up and when I serve up meals. Basically all the time I'm working in the kitchen. Often, I end up answering the door in my apron - to the postman/woman, friends, or the parents of my children's friends. No-one ever says anything, but since I have never seen any of my friends wearing aprons, I wonder if I am alone round here in doing so?
I love aprons. When I was a young child, in the Sixties, my favourite one of my mum's aprons was bright pink flowered in silky fabric with a ruffle round it. I used to always choose to wear this one when I helped Mum with the cooking.
My preference, though is definitely for bib aprons, and all mine seem to have blue in them. But I'm very open to other colours! In fact, I feel that an apron sewing session may be in the offing. ( Just as soon as I finish everything else I've started.)
So, are you an apron-wearer? If so, and if you, like me, love your apron(s), you can indulge yourself in more apron-love here:
Apronology - a wonderful publication from Stampington
The Apron Book - includes a pattern for a basic bib apron
Tie One On - wonderful blog about all things apron-y


  1. I love aprons, and bib aprons are my style of choice. I am a kind of messy baker, and especially if the kids are helping (they all have their own aprons as well), there gets to be a big floury mess. I really need to make some more aprons, as one can never have too many.

  2. I love aprons although I am not sure they suit me - they are a secret pleasure when I am by myself - did you see the lovely blue patchwork one I found in a charity shop back in October? Not a bib apron but definately blue :)

  3. I agree about the need for lots of aprons, Jennifer - I "only" have 5 - definitely need more!
    Mousy - I've had a look at your patchwork one - lovely! My eldest DD is volunteering in a local charity shop every Saturday so she is looking out for vintage aprons for me.