Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Advent's here!

I know that advent really started last Sunday, and perhaps next year I will make an advent wreath and start our celebrations on the Sunday, but this year today was the day. Nestled inside the drawers of our advent house are colour-coded ( gold for I., green for L. and pink for E.) tissue -wrapped little gifts ranging from tiny reels of ribbon to tiny diaries and individual chocolates, together with a couple of "tokens" for seasonal treats. We're all looking forward to enjoying this lovely time of anticipation and tonight lit our advent candle for the first time.

Also at supper-time, it was Try Something New Tuesday, and this is what we had:

Mushroom Ragout with Rice Pilaf
This seemed to go down very well with L. and her friend who was here for supper and also with R. - all of them had second helpings.
The recipes are both from "From Anna's Kitchen" by Anna Thomas. The pilaf in particular was very easy - the ragout was a little more involved, but I will certainly make them both again.


  1. I love your advent house, it's beautiful, and your supper looks delicious.

  2. Thankyou, Jennifer - I think the advent house is very pretty, but having seen lots of beautiful homemade advent calenders on people's blogs, I'm quite inspired to make somethng myself for next year!