Thursday, 13 May 2010

Inspired to sew again... this book, which I borrowed from the library this week:

I know the book has been out for some time, but I had not looked at it until now. The lovely photos, projects and the clear way techiques are described has re-enthused me about dressmaking-type sewing, which I haven't done for many a long year ( apart from my recent enforced school-play-costume-making). I even got as far as pinning and cutting out one of the patterns I'd bought recently, although I found that our dining-room table was far from ideal for this.
I used to love dressmaking - I'm going back to my teenage, post-exams, long summers years here - and have many happy memories of the rattle of the sewing machine , the lovely smell of the steamed fabric when pressing seams, and the joy of immersing myself for hour upon hour in a project. I'm hoping to recapture some of that joy, although I fear that it may be a little more elusive now with family, work, house and garden all clamouring for my time...

A sad footnote to my "missing hen" post - I found a small pile of speckled grey feathers at athe end of our garden this morning - proof positive that our local Mr or Mrs Fox has taken Beryl. This is the first hen we have lost to a fox in nearly 6 years, though, so I suppose we have been lucky up to now.


  1. You've conjured up my memories of teenage sewing so beautifully Gillian. I'm very glad I found your blog! Did you sew any Clothkits? I did quite a few. I also remember making a couple of what we used to call "formal dresses" for what are now really proms. Happy Days indeed!

    Sorry about the hen.

  2. I was flicking through this book the other day at the fabric shop, it really is very good - I can see it soon being added to my list from Amazon.

    Sorry to hear about Beryl, I had hoped in some way, she'd find her way home.

  3. Thanks for the chicken condolences!
    Sian - yes I did make some clothkits things - I see they've now been re-launched ( all this crafty nostalgia!) And one of my first projects when I was about 14 was a full length, long-sleeved dress - I'm not sure I would be confident enough to attempt something like that now...

  4. So sorry to hear about Beryl - I did hope you would have a happy ending.... Can't wait to see what you make - dressmaking has never been my strongest point but I am determined to have a go this summer - this book looks like a good one to try! :D

  5. I tend to rotate between my many interests and sewing has been a little lacking lately. However, I recently bought some lovely material so I'm hoping to join you in some sewing soon. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

    Did you manage to pick up a magazine with the knitted beads?

  6. oh no poor chicken .. love to you xx

  7. Thanks, Denise!
    Amanda- I have bought the mag with the knitted beads pattern - they are quite big, so I'm wondering if I could use smaller needles...