Thursday, 1 October 2009

Christmas is coming...if you're a crafter

No, I'm not so organised that I have already designed and made my Christmas cards. This is a picture of last year's design, of which I made about 65!
But I do need to , in fact have started thinking about this year's one. When I was in my local garden centre last week the staff were busy putting together the Christmas department. And I have now ordered my stamp for this year, a dove, from the same company as the tree - The English Stamp Co.
I promise, though, that apart from my cards I will do nothing else about Christmas until at least November. But making 65+ cards does have to be spread out a little...

1 comment:

  1. 65 cards. You are going to be a very busy girl.
    I have just been looking at you knitted projects, yummy. I can only cast on knit and cast off. However that has meant I have been able to make myself a few scarfs. Nothing as beautiful as your mind. x