Thursday, 26 February 2009


I have just finished making 30 "Inchies" which is the first time I have tried any artwork on such a small scale. Inchies are, as they sound, tiny artworks just 1x1 in square. They are often mixed media, but can be any design, theme or media. I made these for a swap I am doing on
UK Scrappers and I enjoyed using a number of different techniques and materials, searching through my stash to find suitably small images, stamps, and text. My common theme was to use an image and some text and I made 10 sets of 3 different but related ones.

In the swap, I will recieve 3 inchies from each participant, meaning I will also get 3 back of my own, and 3 from my talented DD, who is also taking part. I can't wait to see the inchies created by the other swappers.

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