Friday, 30 January 2009

Scrapbooking vs Knitting

I love them both! But I have found that I can't scrapbook and knit at the same time (well obviously not at exactly the same time...) When I am in scrapbooking mode, which I am at the moment, I don't seem to want to knit, and vice-versa. I think they must use different parts of the brain that I can't engage in the same time period.

Currently I am working on some layouts for a magazine challenge, an art journal challenge, and a layout for the Cybercrop on UK Scrappers, and my mind is in overdrive thinking of ideas for these. But I also have a pile of unfinished and unstarted knitting projects which are having to wait their turn. One knitty thing I have to do, though, is sew up the legwarmers my DD1 has just finished, her first project since learning to knit over Christmas. In fact I must go and get on with this job now, as she wants to wear them for an audition she's going to tomorrow!

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  1. Well done for doing my legwarmers, luff yoooooooo